Protecting the Free and Open Internet

The modern Internet was founded on the principles of open access, freedom, and fairness, and the way it has transformed the world is largely a result of that ethos. It’s no secret why a few giant corporations want that to change; imagine a world in which you can’t Skype your family because your Internet Service Provider would prefer you use your mobile video minutes, or where your ISP decides which news sites they’ll allow you to read, or where you can’t use Netflix because your ISP wants you to keep your cable TV package.

I’m proud that my office is working with Democratic Attorneys General across the country in a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to stop the repeal of net neutrality.

Not only is the attempted rollback of net neutrality a transparent giveaway to a few huge corporations, at the expense of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and millions of American consumers, but the vote also follows a public comment period in which nearly two million comments used stolen identities to post pro-repeal opinions.

As Attorney General, I have always stood against attempts by large corporations and special interests to hijack our democracy to serve their bottom lines. That’s why I’ll do everything in my power to block the Trump Administration’s attempts to repeal net neutrality, and as Governor, will continue to oppose this unprecedented threat to the free exchange of ideas online.