Protecting our Clean Air and Water

When I was a child, you could practically walk across the Androscoggin river, the foam and toxic ooze covering the surface were so thick. Thanks to the Clean Water Act, drafted and pushed through by Maine Senator Ed Muskie 45 years ago this Tuesday, the Androscoggin and thousands of other rivers across our state are cleaner than they’ve been in a generation. While there’s still work to be done, the Clean Water Act has been a stunning success for Maine.

Sadly, the Trump administration and Scott Pruitt’s EPA seem committed to reversing these decades of progress. To take just one example: airborne mercury remains one of the primary contributors to water pollution in Maine, but Pruitt is seeking to overturn or relax regulations on mercury emissions, potentially making the problem far worse. That’s why I’ve taken action at every opportunity to protect our environment:

  • Filing comments formally opposing the Trump Administration’s proposal to open the Gulf of Maine to oil and gas drilling
  • Successfully suing the Trump Administration to stop its plans to delay strict new ozone standards
  • Successfully suing the Trump Administration over attempts to rollback strict new energy efficiency standards for appliances
  • Successfully suing Volkswagon for fraud and environmental violations, winning millions of dollars for air quality improvements in Maine;
  • Standing up to the Trump Administration’s proposal to reduce or eliminate the Katahdin Woods National Monument
  • Pushing for stricter safety standards for the transportation of crude oil by rail through Maine
  • Fighting the Trump Administration’s attempt to repeal the landmark global warming protections of the Clean Power Plan
  • Opposing federal legislation that would weaken Superfund and hazardous waste programs and slash EPA’s budget
  • Opposing Federal legislation that would preempt states from regulating harmful chemicals in children’s and consumer products.

As Governor, I’ll continue to do everything in my power to keep our air and water clean.