Ensuring Quality Education for All Children

As Governor, Janet has made a historic investment in Maine children and is the first governor to fully fund the state’s obligation to K-12 public education. She believes that all children deserve equal access to the same opportunity to attend quality schools, regardless of where they live in Maine. 

Under her Administration, from cradle to college, our kids are supported. From enacting a budget that puts Maine on track for universal pre-K to two years of free community college to pandemic-impacted students, she recognizes that a high-quality education is integral to our state’s success.

Janet knows that our Career and Technical Education Centers (CTE) are an invaluable resource in solving Maine’s workforce challenges. That’s why she supported long-overdue improvements at CTE schools across Maine so students have access to the technology and tools they need to train for today’s economy.

As the daughter of a longtime Maine public school teacher, she knows firsthand how important their work is and the many challenges they have to overcome every day. It’s why she enacted a minimum teacher salary of $40,000. No longer will teachers in Maine be forced to leave the state for a living wage.

We can count on Janet to ensure that all Maine kids are equipped with the tools to succeed and reach their highest potential.