Supporting a Strong Economy Across the Entire State

Janet knows that our state’s best assets – our people, our natural resources, our quality of life and place – are exactly what will move our economy forward. 

That’s why she’s made unprecedented investments in Maine small businesses and heritage industries, job training and skills programs that help workers access good-paying careers in Maine, and supporting Maine people and communities by expanding child care, affordable housing, broadband, and other critical infrastructure. 

And she’s done so while making sure our state’s Rainy Day Fund hit an all time record high. 

Maine has been through a lot over the past four years, with all of us facing challenges in our daily lives because of the pandemic. Janet did what she’s always done – delivered steady, effective leadership all while working together with Democrats, Republicans, and independents to tackle the tough problems facing Maine. By using proven economic strategies that invest in our people and our communities to create more opportunities for all Maine families, no matter where they live, she guided us to one of the strongest economic recoveries of any state in the nation. 

Maine has fully recovered all jobs lost during the pandemic, and the state’s unemployment rate has fallen to 2.8 percent, the lowest in two years, putting it below the U.S. and New England unemployment rates. At the same time, Maine’s GDP – a measure of economic growth – has also grown the 11th fastest in the country under Janet, after being almost last for the previous decade.

But Maine people are navigating new challenges and while she can’t control the global trend of pandemic-driven inflation, she is delivering the resources they need to deal with its impact. It’s why more than 850,000 Mainers will receive checks for $850. Delivering relief in this way provides YOU with the freedom to decide for yourself how best to use the money, whether it be for groceries, gas, heating fuel, electricity, or other expenses.

Janet delivered for Maine and she’s just getting started.