Important Election Updates

As Paul LePage attempts to turn the page on his past, voters across southern Maine — including independents and non-college-educated men and women — need to see on TV and social media that Paul LePage opposed bipartisan $850 inflation relief and tried to cut funding for child care. They need to know that his latest fights, conspiracy theories, and lies about Governor Mills all just reinforce that he is unable to tell the truth, to work together with people, and to solve problems. Maine will not go back to the days of chaos, fighting, and divisive governing that hurt Maine people, including his anti-choice positions that could take away women’s reproductive freedoms.

Voters throughout Maine, statewide, need to see on TV that Paul LePage is out of step with Mainers on abortion. He opposes a woman’s right to choose, has spoken at anti-choice rallies, and has refused to rule out signing restrictions on abortion access into law. IIf Paul LePage is elected Governor, Maine women could lose control of their reproductive health.