Defending Women’s Rights

Earlier this year, far-right lawmakers in the Maine Legislature said they wanted my resignation — because I advanced a bill designed to ensure women in rural and low-income communities have access to abortion services.

I wish I could say I was shocked by the attacks that get made against anyone who stands up for reproductive freedom and women’s rights, but over my career doing exactly that — co-founding the Maine Women’s Lobby, prosecuting domestic abusers as a District Attorney, and serving as the first woman Attorney General in Maine — I’ve learned that it comes with the territory.

I’ve also learned that the best way to respond is to double-down on the commitments that matter, whether that means accessible healthcare, equitable workplaces, or safe homes. My dedication to those values is absolute, no matter what the other side throws at me, and no matter what office I hold.

That’s why I’m proud that my office successfully appealed a ruling that would have allowed aggressive protesters to harass women seeking medical attention at Planned Parenthood clinics. While I will always defend our First Amendment rights, free speech does not extend to screaming through windows and disrupting patients’ exams.

That’s why I joined a coalition of Attorneys General to oppose the Trump Administration’s roll back of the ACA contraception requirement, which will directly lead to increased healthcare costs for women, higher spending by Medicaid and state governments, and create more unplanned pregnancies.

And that’s why as Governor, I will continue to fight for a health system that makes affordable and high-quality care available to everyone, including access to contraception and reproductive health services.