Current & Former Maine Republican Lawmakers Announce Support for Governor Janet Mills

Janet Mills for Governor Campaign launches new TV ad featuring current and former Republican lawmakers touting Governor Mills’ bipartisan, consensus-driven approach to governing

AUGUSTA – The Janet Mills for Governor Campaign today unveiled a coalition of current and former Republican lawmakers supporting Governor Mills for reelection.

The lawmakers – State Senator Kim Rosen; former State Senators Roger Katz, Pat Flood, Joyce Maker, Chris Rector, and Karl Turner; former State Representative Meredith Strang Burgess; and former Mayor of Bangor and Calais John Cashwell – are crossing the aisle to support Governor Mills, citing her bipartisan, consensus-driven approach to governing. 

Building on their bipartisan support, the Janet Mills for Campaign also announced a new TV ad featuring Rosen, Katz, and Cashwell called “Mainers, Not Complainers”.

“Janet Mills, she brings people together. She doesn’t care whose idea it is so long as it’s good for Maine,” they say in the ad. “She fights problems, not people – and that’s our kind of governor.”

Their opinion of Paul LePage? 

“Tantrums, distractions, fighting – it’s just bad behavior that costs Maine,” they say. “We’re Mainers, not complainers.”

The new coalition and TV ad underscores the bipartisan support that Governor Mills has received from across the political spectrum. Last week, Independent U.S. Senator Angus King also endorsed Governor Mills for reelection, citing her work to reach across the aisle and solve problems. 

Governor Mills has made problem-solving and governing by consensus a priority during her time in office. In fact, Maine’s $850 inflation relief check was originally proposed by Republicans and embraced by Governor Mills, who then worked to bring both sides together to pass the measure – which is now one of the country’s strongest responses to help people deal with high costs. Despite it being a Republican idea, Paul LePage opposed it. 

The 30-second ads will begin running on broadcast and cable this week in the Portland and Bangor media market.

Watch the new ad HERE.