Citing Bipartisan, Consensus-Driven Approach to Governing, U.S. Senator King Endorses Governor Mills for Reelection

BRUNSWICK – U.S. Senator Angus King has endorsed Governor Janet Mills for reelection. 

Senator King – who served two terms as Maine’s independent governor – applauded Governor Mills’ bipartisan, consensus-driven approach to governing, including her work to bring Democrats, Republicans, and Independents together to solve problems for Maine people.

He also applauded the Governor’s work to strengthen Maine’s economy, deliver nation-leading inflation relief, expand health care, invest in education, and protect the lives and livelihoods of Maine people during the pandemic. 

“Governor Mills confronted one of the most difficult challenges Maine has ever faced with the pandemic, and I believe that her strong, decisive, and empathetic leadership saved the lives and livelihoods of countless Maine people,” said Senator Angus King. “What I like most about her is that she’s not partisan. She takes good ideas from everybody, and she brings people together to solve problems without drama and without partisan brawls. The results speak for themselves: strong economic growth, more people with health care, more funding for education, and one of the best inflation relief measures in the country. That’s the type of good, independent leadership that Maine deserves, and it’s why I hope Maine people will join me in voting to send her back for another four years.”

“Senator King shares my approach to governing – that we should be fighting problems, not people. I believe that no one has a monopoly on good ideas, which is why I have worked hard during my time in office to hear all ideas, to bring people together to reach consensus, and to solve problems,” said Governor Janet Mills. I am grateful for the Senator’s support, and if I am fortunate enough to earn a second term, I will continue to do all I can to put politics aside and put Maine people first.”

In the past three years, Governor Mills has led Maine through a public health crisis and a strong economic recovery, achieving some of the best results in the nation.

According to Maine’s Department of Economic and Community Development, Maine’s GDP – a measure of economic growth – has grown the 11th fastest in the nation over the past three years under Governor Mills, exceeding the nation’s economic growth and far surpassing economic growth under Paul LePage. Maine’s unemployment rate has also fallen to 3.1 percent, putting it below the U.S. and New England unemployment rates. Maine’s population grew at the fastest rate in New England last year and seventh fastest in the nation

Maine’s credit ratings were reaffirmed during the pandemic, and Maine’s Rainy Day Fund is at its highest level ever. Maine was also in the top ten of states (and the only Democratic-led state) in responding to the pandemic, according to a study written by conservative economists.

The Mills Administration, working in a bipartisan manner with the Legislature, has made historic progress on behalf of Maine, including: